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911, 2015

Class Action Lawsuits Targeting Doctors and Patient Privacy:

  Physicians, hospitals, allied health care providers should take note of this article that announces privacy litigation as the "new frontier for class actions". Patient Privacy - Are you Protected? Any time litigators hail a [...]

3009, 2014

ClearSCOPE video capture: Left Vocal Cord Paralysis

This video was captured by Dr. Ross Campbell, an Otolaryngology resident at the University of Ottawa. A 56 year old male underwent TEVAR (thoracic endovascular aortic repair) of thoracic aortic aneurysm. He became hoarse immediately [...]

408, 2014

ClearSCOPE video capture: Supraglottic Cancer

The video demonstrates the relatively late presentation of supraglottic cancers which do not often present with hoarseness but rather dysphagia or other symptoms. In this case the man has a large lingual/laryngeal epiglottic T2 lesion [...]

208, 2014

ClearSCOPE Video Capture of Glottic Cancer

Male with a T1 Laryngeal Cancer of the glottis. These lesions tend to present early with hoarseness due to their location on the vocal cord. Treatment of isolated lesions usually involved local excision with or [...]

2907, 2014

ClearSCOPE video capture: Laryngomalacia

This video depicts a baby with difficulty breathing. The classic “omega” shaped or infantile epiglottis can be seen to curl up such that there is little room for air to pass. The epiglottis itself also [...]