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The CLEARSCOPE Adaptor for Mobile Endoscopy Video

Connect any smartphone – including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note – to a standard endoscope and create the most portable, cost effective method for recording and viewing endoscopy video.

CLEARSCOPE gives medical professionals quick and easy access to HD quality images that are simple to capture, manage, and share.

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CAPTURE Endoscopic Videos

Endoscopy video provides a valuable tool for patient care, teaching residents, and consulting with other physicians. But traditional recording equipment is expensive, and not always accessible. The CLEARSCOPE Smartphone Adaptor uses your mobile phone’s HD camera, effectively converting it into a portable video tower that fits in the palm of your hand. See how we have used CLEARSCOPE plus MODICA to create a digital endoscopy suite.

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Securely MANAGE Video

Use CLEARSCOPE with its companion MODICA app to annotate video with keywords and notes for improved record keeping. Endoscopy video is encrypted and secured in a separate camera roll, ensuring medical videos never mix with personal ones. It also automatically moves endoscopy video to a HIPAA compliant cloud storage service freeing valuable data on the mobile device.

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SHARE, Communicate and Collaborate

When it is easier to record endoscopy video, doctors are more likely share them. And these visual records make it easier to collaborate with colleagues, remote consultants and other specialists, residents, and even patients.

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Transform Your Practice with CLEARSCOPE

  • Mobile: capture, store, and share endoscopy video anywhere
  • Convenient: no need to wait for the video tower
  • Affordable: less expensive than traditional solutions
  • Continual improvement: upgraded with each new smartphone release
  • Flexible: any endoscope, any smartphone
  • Ease-of-Use: simple, quick set up

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  • FDA, Health Canada, EU listed
  • Use with any smartphone including the iPhone 6 Plus and Android Galaxy Note
  • Connects to any standard endoscope
  • Full HD recording of endoscopy video
  • 8x optical magnification
  • Easy to use, sets up in seconds
  • Share HD images via email or SMS
  • Stream to a laptop or TV monitor

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4 of the top 5 ENT hospitals in the U.S. are using our platform today.

The CLEARSCOPE worked so well that my partner and I cancelled our order for a new video tower and will order new endoscopes instead.
Dr. Craighton Chin, M.D., Otalaryngologist, Yuba City, CA
We travel between offices daily and I routinely see patients independently. This affords us the opportunity to se and treat a broad spectrum of adult and pediatric ENT disorders. On an average day I may see between 25 to 35 patients with almost every type of ear, nose and throat problem of all ages.
I had been looking for an inexpensive and portable way to capture and share images with my supervising physician. Conventional endoscopic towers are large and very expensive. The ClearSCOPE Endoscope Adaprot solved this problem for me.
Jose Mercado, Physician Assistant at South Florida ENT Associates
I like it because of its simple use and an excellent picture and resolution. Actually it substitutes the space-occupying and highly expensive tray.
Dr. Hossam Eldin Haridy, Consultant Otolaryngologist
As a junior ENT resident I use the CLEARSCOPE adaptor on a routine basis. I have found that using the adaptor and sharing the images with patients, colleagues and staff members, not only expedites appropriate patient care but also allows patients to feel more involved and comfortable with the procedure.

Dr. Mark Bastianelli, The Ottawa Hospital