MODICA Data Export Instructions 2017-10-12T14:24:13+00:00

IMPORTANT: End of Life Announcement for MODICA software

We are discontinuing delivery and support of the MODICA software application and portal. By December 5, 2017, access to data archived in the portal will be disabled. By January 5, 2018, we will permanently delete all data and backups from the portal. Below please find instructions on how to export all data currently stored there. Contact us by email to or by phone at 877-349-9934 if you have any questions.

We have selected Epitomyze as our referral partner for HIPAA-compliant clinical photo capture (the Epitomyze Capture App™) and digital asset management (Epitomyze Cloud™).  As the MODICA referral partner, Epitomyze is providing current MODICA Account Holders with a special discount offer that includes free data migration from the MODICA portal to the Epitomyze Cloud™, among other benefits.  Please click here to learn more.

  1. Please see the Export option in the left side navigation once you have logged into the MODICA portal.

2) Click on Export and you will be presented a dialog box. If you are the administrator for your organization you can choose between exporting all data for that org, or simply your own. Non-administrators can only export their own data.

3) Click the Request New Export button. The Status at the top of the page will provide a visual indication that the export is in progress.

4) When finished, you will see Status: Complete along with file size for your export. Click the Download button to access your data.

5) To export your data to the Epitomyze Cloud™ click here to obtain your Exclusive Discount and set up your account.  You will receive a welcome email with a small file to download which will copy all of your data into the Epitomyze Cloud™.  The process is secure, and very simple.

If you capture any more images using MODICA after you have completed this export, and before December 5, 2017, you can request a new export. This new export will replace your old one.

Please also note, there may be a limit to how many times you can request an export in a given time period. If the Download Export button is not clickable, then it means you have reached your export limit for the time period. You will see a time when you will be able to request your next export.