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Introducing MODICA

The first mobile medical photography solution. Capture, manage and share medical images and video with complete security and HIPAA compliance.

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MODICA is a Secure Camera App and Cloud Storage Solution Designed for Medical Images

Record HD quality medical photos. MODICA replaces the native camera app on your smartphone, and offers enhanced camera settings like brightness and flash control, zoom, focus, and white balance.
Add notes and patient data like name, gender, and chart number to photos and video to better manage the medical records.
Keep images organized by creating a patient encounter. Search through photos and videos by patient name or notes.
Easily attach patient consent to any photograph or video and know at a glance to the images can be used.
Share photos and videos with an extended medical team — even remote colleagues — to enhance collaboration on patient care
Use video and photos as visual teaching aids for residents, or to help communicate with patients.
Medical photos and video are securely locked down in a password protected, segregated cameral roll to ensure they never mix with personal photos.
Medical photos and video are automatically moved off of the device to a HIPAA compliant cloud service keeping the images the property of the medical institution and protecting the medical record in the event of a lost or stolen device.

Secure, Compliant Mobile Photo CAPTURE

The MODICA app plus cloud service offers enhanced camera settings like zoom, focus, brightness control and white balance to ensure the highest quality HD photos and video capture. 

Those images are then locked down in a separate, encrypted, password-protected camera roll to prevent medical images from mixing with personal photos. Images are then automatically moved off of the device and backed-up to a HIPAA compliant cloud storage service.

Better Medical Image

MODICA lets doctors annotate images recorded with a mobile device, adding names, dates, and other detailed notes. They can even capture approvals with the in-app patient consent form. This helps ensure a streamlined process for record management.

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Enhanced Collaboration through Mobile Medical Photo & Video SHARING

Easy access to medical images enhances your ability to share – and collaborate – with colleagues, consultants, residents, even patients. And collaboration aids in patient outcomes, teaching, and remote consulting with other physicians. But doing so in a secure and compliant manner has been difficult.

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Modernizing Medical Photography with MODICA

  • Helps you manage security and privacy compliance requirements by locking medical images down in a separate encrypted, password-protected camera roll
  • Best quality images ensured through enhanced camera settings such as brightness and flash control, zoom and focus
  • Simplifies process of gaining permission for how images are used with the in-app patient consent form

  • Easy to use, sets up in seconds
  • Compatible with iOS 7.1 or later
  • Works with iPhone and iPod Touch
  • Enables streaming of images to a laptop or TV monitor
  • Full HD quality image capture of medical images and procedures

  • Resident teaching
  • Patient handoff within medical teams
  • Improved communication with patients
  • Consultation with other doctors
  • Research
  • Hospital best practices